Constant quality of the corrugated sheets is impossible without constant web tension. The TENSIONMASTER system measures the web tension at the runout of the bridge, compares the results with the desired values and readjusts the web tensions automatically and continuous. This makes the premise for a constant heat transfer on the single webs in the pre-heaters.

Area of use

The TENSIONMASTER is used for individual web tension to a set-point value.


In the wet-end on the corrugator bridge directly after web guiding and before the preheater.

Product description
  • Individual web tension control to set value
  • Quality optimization by automatic and continuous control
  • Reproducable web tension values by set values
  • Compact design
  • Various types available
  • Compatible with the E+L system network for process automation ELCorruMatic
Technical specifications
Design Pneumatic Brake
Servo brake
Braking torque up to 200 dN (depending upon type)
Working width [mm] min. 400 - max. 3.300 (depending upon machine Specification)
Web speed 500 m/min
Required compressed air supply 6 bar, oil free air
Ambient temperature 10°C – 50°C (non-condensing)
Power supply [V] 380 – 420 AC 3Ph, Pe
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power consumption Pneumatically controlled: 2 kW
Servo controlled: 7,5 kW / Level
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The self-adjusting ELCORR roller compensates thickness, length and alignment differences occurring in a moving web. The operation is purely mechanical, without using air, hydraulic or electronical devices, thus, an equal cross tension distribution, heat transfer, as well as an uniform glue application is achieved.

Area of use

The Self-adjusting compensating roller ELCORR cares an equal web tension in cross direction on the operator- and drive side


The idler is working in both paper running directions, upstream and downstream, and is most effective when located between machine parts like pre-heater, pre-conditioner or glue station.

Product description
  • Compensates thickness, length.and alignment differences
  • Unique web tension distribution optimizes the heat transfer at the pre-heater and the glue application in the glue unit
  • Quality increase due to optimized flatness
  • Reduction of machine stops in the converting due to optimized flatness
  • No extra force transmission
  • Best possible web tension distribution in cross directon of the of the web
  • Best possible, unique heat transfer from one heated roller to the web
  • No incorrect setting possible
  • Particularly effective between the machine areas pre-heater, pre-conditioner and glue unit
Technical specifications
Roller hub +/- 10 mm
Working width [mm] min. 400 – max. 3.300 mm
Web tension

2.000 N with 30° wrap angle

1.500 N with 30°- 90° wrap angle

1.000 N with 90° - 120° wrap angle

Ambient temperature 10° – 70° C