The TRIMMASTER is designed for dry end applications in front of the SlitterScorer. Its core function is to minimize edge trim in the Slitter Scorer. This is achieved by sensing board edges or pre-printed lines and shift the Slitter Scorer with an electrical drive to correct incoming misalignment mistakes. Thus, constant trim reduction results in waste savings. The integrated stablization device, based on our proven CORRALIGNER tracking wheel assembly, compensates for board oscillation.

Area of use

The TRIMMASTER reduces the edge trim to a minimum for brown board or preprint production and adjusts preprint to reference line.


In the corrugator dry-end bevore the Slitter Scorer.

Product description
  • Automatic tracking of the slitter scorer to web edges or pre-printed  lines
  • Integrated web stabilization eliminates web oszillations occured after the pre-heater
  • Any web oszillation following the rotary shear is inhibited
  • Optimal positioning of the slitter scorer knives in reference to the print image ensures highest accurracy of each format
  • Minimal edge trim at the slitter scorer is possible
  • Optimized stacking accuracy
  • Highest size accuracy, especially for small formats ensured due to web oszillation offset
Technical specificatons
Position accuracy +/- 0,5 mm
Working width [mm] 500 – 1.900
800 – 2.200
1.100 – 2.500
1.400 – 2.800
Machine speed max. 500 m/min
Correction area Machine-dependent
required compressed air supply 6 bar, oil free air
Ambient temperature 10°C – 50°C (non-condensing)
Power supply 380 – 420 AC 3Ph, Pe
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 2 kW
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